Bee Jewellery

"Bee jewellery is a 100% australian owned and run company, established in 1983. Over the past 30 years Bee jewellery has made and sold an incredible 5,000,000 (five million) pieces of jewellery.

Today the company continues to design and manufacture jewellery in the latest fashion, with a strong emphasis on pleasing, elegant and lasting designs that will stand the test of time. Once you own a piece of Bee Jewellery you will wear it every day, and for that reason, we offer an unconditional 10-year guarantee against faulty workmanship."

Bee jewellery have three popular collections;

The Stella Collection, is for the woman of class, who loves to dress in a classic slightly conservative style, the range has lot's of personality, with clean modern lines, and every piece represents a safe investment.

The Rebecca Collection, is a fun range, perfect for party lovers and socialites, with designs that are attention grabbing and sexy. You just cant get enough of the Rebecca collection, as soon as you have one, you want the other.

The Jackson 925 Collection, is an elegant range of Sterling Silver rings for men, the perfect accessory for the well dressed man, a statement that says I know how to dress.